New Product – Revlon PhotoReady Concealer

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer

If you’re in the market for a new concealer I would highly recommend Revlon’s new PhotoReady concealer.

Claiming to give a “flawless, airbrushed appearance” I thought I would try it out, especially when it was on offer, it would have been rude not to!!

I don’t tend to go for stick concealers, usually finding they are too thick and appear slightly cakey on the skin. I prefer to go for a product with a creamy consistency for blemishes and a liquid for brightening the under eye area. This Revlon concealer appears to be an exception to this rule which goes on with a lovely smooth, weightless feel. After trying this I am keen to try other items in the range, including the primer and sculpting blusher pallet (not available in the UK…yet).

Which brings me on to further concealer issues…

Despite not being Kim Kardashian’s biggest fan, I must admit her make-up does always look beautifully flawless. The recent photos tweeted by the star whilst having her make-up applied by renowned make-up artist, Scott Barnes, gave an insight into how she gets such a perfect finished look.

Kim Kaked in Koncealer (original caption I know!)

With my new concealer in hand I thought I would give contouring a try…. It felt strange applying so much, I did feel like a absolute wally during application but once foundation was blended on top it did seem to make a difference, luckily the Revlon concealer feeling so light it didn’t feel heavy on my skin.

As I tend to favour a more natural look when it comes to applying foundation I think this heavy handed approach will have to be saved for nights out!

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