Owl Be There

Owls have been cropping up all over the place since they were introduced at the Burberry Prorsum AW12 show, either as beaded embellishments, stitched or printed on knitwear and tees and as statement accents on bags, .

My favourite piece of the collection is the cashmere Owl sweater. I am a huge fan of a knitted jumper! I am sure they will begin to feature more heavily throughout this blog even more so as the weather gets colder.

Burerry Prorsum Owl Knit

This jumper is the perfect mix of casual and cool, and is styled to perfection by the ever-stylish Kate Bosworth below, in head to toe Burberry, of course.

It was only a matter of time before the High Street got on board with this trend and whilst my budget certainly won’t cover the cost of the above, here are my picks of all things owl related to suit all kinds of budget.

Items are mentioned anti-clockwise from top left.

1. Earrings by Accessorize £6. I would be intrigued to see how big these earrings actually are, but what girl can’t resist some sparkle!

2. Bag by ASOS £32. This bag is gorgeous, it also comes in black. However this colour is really amazing and what sets it apart. With the owl detail,  the oxblood colour and the bowling bag shape, this bag really does have it all and shoots straight to the top of my wishlist.

3. I do love a novelty item of clothing, mainly in sock form. If it has the face of an animal, I tend to own it. Another favourite item of mine is mittens! Thanks to my brother for buying me a pair for Christmas last year, I am fully converted. Combine these two together and tah-dah, you have novelty mittens! These are £6 from Next, and are ridiculously cute.

4. We can’t have a feature on owls without a piece of Burberry Prorsum, the brand that started it all! Of course if you are planning on buying this clutch bag it will set you back an eyewatering £895. Although that doesn’t stop it from being very pretty to look at!

5. I’m not sure whether I think this looks more like a bear/tiger… but apparently it is an owl so let’s roll with that! Despite being unsure of its species this is my fave of all the owl jumpers out there, looks so nice and warm and is currently in the sale on ASOS, only £28 here.

3. This Pandora charm is the epitome of cuteness and a lovely subtle way to show off the trend! At £25 for a silver charm seems like money well spent.

7. This Lavish Alice jumper is a great catwalk copy of the Burberry jumper. Great thing is it is £15 and looks incredibly cosy and warm!

Don’t OWL away this winter, snap up one of these lovelies.


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