Clarins – Daily Energisers

Clarins Daily Energisers

Skin in winter needs to be looked after even more so, due to all sorts of severe conditions battering it. Wind, rain, cold and central heating can lead to dry, dull and generally unhappy skin. So how about investing in something that could solve all of these problems?

For Christmas last year my Mum bought me the cleanser, toner and moisturiser from the Clarins Daily Energisers range. I decided that rather than relegating all my slightly less fancy items to the back of my product drawer, I would put away the beautiful Clarins products and use ALL my remaining face lotions and potions before starting on the complete set of new products. The fact that nearly a year later I am ready to use them proves what a hoarder I truly am…

The market of premium skincare ranges for younger skin is not exactly overwhelmed so Clarins decided to do something about this by, last year, launching a range of skincare for 18 to late 20 something skin. The products claim to create a clearer, softer and smoother complexion.

I have previously used samples of products in this range over shorter periods, not altogether and found they felt lovely individually. Now we will see what happens when all three are used together!

So from tomorrow my new regime begins and here’s to hoping for brighter, more refreshed looking skin! I do have a bad feeling that this could be the start of a very expensive habit.. But as my Mum always says you must look after your skin, and take my word for it, my Mum has fantastic skin!

Are there any premium wonder products you swear by for a little luxurious pick me up? I would love to hear!

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